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       Hi, Im Bones!

      Im the Dog behind Good Boy Bones. 

      Where did this all start..?

      Well, even though my Human feeds me all the best and yummy foods, I still get itchy skin rashes and allergies every now and then. Im sure you love belly rubs just as much as me, so we can't have itchy rashes getting in the way! 

      After trying lots of creams and lotions, filled with yukky ingredients that are not taste tester friendly, my Human and I decided to make our own. 

      All of our ingredients have been well researched and carefully selected based on their healing and protective properties. We use only natural ingredients in our products - because if you're like me, you love to lick everything!

      Our products are proudly handcrafted here in Australia.

      Made by my Human. Loved by Me. And now shared with You.

      We provide high-quality healing products for dogs everywhere.

      Ruff Paw Balm, to heal those dry, cracked and ruff paws. Can also be used on noses (boop friendly) and elbows.

      Soothing Skin Balm, to soothe and heal those nasty rashes, itches, hot spots and ouchies. 

      Bug Off Spray and Balm, to keep those annoying mosquitoes and bugs away!

      Shampoo Bar, for bath time... extra treats mandatory. Options for Calming and Flea and ticks. Both moisturise and soften the fur and will leave you smelling amazing, ready for some bedtime cuddles. 

      Every dog deserves to live a long, happy and pain free life, filled with belly rubs (and extra treats). Good Boy Bones is here to help!




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